Seasonal Consignment Breakdown

We have limited space in our store, so there are some items that we only take seasonally. This enables us to get as many consignor's items out on the floor, and ready to sell!

ALL year long

  • We generally accept Pants, Jeans, Sleepwear, Layering Items, Active Wear, & Evening Gowns

Spring--- 2/1- 3/31

  • Capris, Short-sleeve Shirts, medium weight dresses, Canvas & Linen, Open-toed Shoes
    • NO Wool, Heavy Jackets/Sweaters, Tall / Winter Boots
Summer--- 4/2 - 7/27
  • Shorts, Tank tops, Sandals, Swimwear, Summer Dresses
    • NO Boots/Booties, Coats, & Scarfs 
    • Select Long Pants
Fall--- 8/15 - 9/30
  • Long-sleeve Shirts, sweaters, jackets, boots
    • NO Wool / Canvas / Linen, Heavy Coats, Capris, Tank Tops, Shorts, Swimwear, Open-Toe shoes/Sandals
Winter--- 10/1 - 1/15
  • Heavy Coats, Winter Gear, Wool/Cashmere,
    • NO linen, Light-Weight Skirts/Dresses/Jackets, short-sleeved shirts