How to Consign

Bring your quality used and new items to us - we sell them and share the proceeds with you!

Read below about consignment options and guidelines to allow for an easy process!


    How to know if your items are eligible for consignment:

    • Gently-Used or Like-New condition?
      • We want to provide all of our customers with like-new pieces at an affordable price. We will only accept items that are CLEAN and free of Pet Hair, Deodorant, Food/Makeup Stains, Dirt, Snags, Pilling, Holes, & Visible-Wear.
    • Current Style? 
      • We know that "Style" can feel pretty subjective... However, we try our best to observe the trends through various age groups and make sure that we are catering to our customers common interests. If you have any questions about a specific item, feel free to contact us!
    • Current Season?   
      • Because of our limited space, there are some items that we are only able to take seasonally. 
        • Seasonal-Breakdown available HERE
      • All year long, we generally accept pants, jeans, sleepwear, layering items, formals, & active-wear; based on need and space.
    • Brands?
      • We accept most brands, but because of the low original cost, we only selectively accept Walmart/Shein items. We do not accept basics from these brands, but occasionally we will make an exception for items that are trendy or unique.


    Bringing in Items:

    • Walk-in
      • Bring in 10 items or less without an appointment any day (Tues-Sat.) between 10:00AM and 11:00AM. This can be done ONCE A WEEK.
    • Appointment
      • Appointments are available if you want to bring in more than 10 items at once, or your schedule conflicts with the Walk-in time.
      • Appointments are 15 minutes long, allowing us to look at 30 items ONLY per appointment.  
      • To see available appointments, click HERE   Please call us if none of the available times fit your schedule, or you have a unique circumstance. We are happy to make arrangements with you (moving, death of a loved one, etc...)


    I Have Items Ready in My Car, What Next?

    • Either through an appointment, or during the walk-in time, the physical process is the same.
      • Once you come through the door; bring your items to the consignment desk located in the back left corner of the store, where one of our associates will then help you get checked in (by confirming name & phone #).
      • You will be asked, "If we find an item that we're not able to accept, would you like it back or would you like us to donate it for you?" (View FAQ for who we donate to)
        • "I would like them back." No problem! You are welcome to either look around the store while we go through them and take the item/s that we didn't accept home with you that day, OR your items will be available for pick up, at your convenience, for up to one week. If you do not come for your items, they will be donated to charity.
        • "I would like it donated". You're all done! You have completed the drop off process and the items that we were able to take will show up on your account within 7-10 days. 

    The first time you consign, you will fill out a "Consignment Agreement" and receive an account number for easy lookup and verification. PLEASE take the time to read the Consignment Agreement, so that you are well informed of our processes.  The email you provide will allow us to send you a link to access your account online. You will be able to check on items that have sold, how much credit you've accrued, etc. 

    After Drop Off:

    Accepted items are entered into our database, where they remain for 90-120 days (depending on the season). It typically takes 7-10 days for your item/s to be processed.

    We have weekly sales which can include specific categories or tag color. It is My Sister's Closet's decision to include/exclude items in such sales.

    As your items sell, you will accrue 40% of the sold price into your account. We do not notify you when items sell. At any time you can check through your online access, or contact us to check your account balance/status. Feel free to ask for a list of available/unavailable items when needed.

    After Consigning:

    After your account reflects that an item has sold, and you have accrued a balance; you can either use your funds as store-credit towards a purchase (in-store or online); or if your balance is over $10, you can request a check.

    If you choose to receive a check, it will be written and available the Tuesday following your request. It will be available in store to pick up at any point during our open hours, or we can mail it upon request (we do deduct a $0.60 for a stamp fee). 

    What happens if my item does not sell? 

    At the end of the 90-day consignment period, My Sister's Closet will donate unsold items. If an item is priced over $30 dollars, we will contact you and give you the option to pick it up or have the item donated. We may choose to pack & store select pieces for the next appropriate season.  The rest will be donated to our non-profit affiliates.

    Ultimately, our goal is to sell your items and we do everything in our power to make that happen.

    Accessing Your Consignment Account Online: 

    If you already have a consignment account with us, we now have a consignor's portal. Click the link HERE to access your account. It will prompt you to enter an email and a password. If it is the first time you have logged in, enter the email we have on file for BOTH the email and password.




    After you log in to your account, it will prompt you to change your password-- follow the prompts to create a unique password that you will remember. 

    If we don't have your email on file or it is saying "invalid login" then please contact and we will be happy to assist you.